Take a sad song.. and make it better….

Buy me one Tapioca and take me with you to drink it in the Obispado. Take me to the cinema of 20 pesos and after we can walk between the houses of the colony of the Jews, the old rich of the city, this city, my city. I like to sleep in the green grass of the University. There are some old pews in the old baseball stadium and there are always lost balls. Do you want to eat at cafe brasil?. Yesterday I walked Morelos street. I want to buy a book in  Gandhi library  and then read  it in the park that is in front of the church of the Purisima. We bought a  Churro de cajeta. I want to see the decal of the MARCO Museum stuck in your shirt. On Saturday we go to the stadium. Take me to dance all night at a place where the music of Willie Colon is heard. Take me to Blockbuster  I like the aisle of movies recognized and applauded.  Eat popcorn. There is a place called La cochera  they sell tacos. There is a place called Presto they sell pizza. There is a place called La Famosa they sell  juices.  There is a place called McDonalds they  sell Icecream. There is a place called Starbucks they sell the strawberry cream that I like.
Take me to a concert .. let me sing and the whole town heard me.
I dream because I want to live.  
I do not write well in English, correct my spelling.    

Make me happy: Take a Sad Song and make it better.



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